AMRcloud March update

AMRcloud March update:

AMRcloud has been updated to version 0.5:

  • added option of indicating antibiotic disk content in column headings containing disk diffusion (_dd) test results. Column headings such as cefotaxime_5_dd or piperacillin-tazobactam_30-6_dd are processed automatically using the appropriate interpretive criteria;
  • added ability to automatically create organism groups from species names;
  • improved recognition of organism species and sub-species names;
  • implemented new graphing system;
  • added ability to display charts using graphical patterns;
  • improved color and readability of charts’ X-axis labels;
  • added ability of X-axis zooming and panning to improve readability of charts with multiple X-axis values;
  • added global setting of graphic export format (.svg or .png);
  • added display of selected interpretive criteria in dataset view opened from a web link;
  • improved stability of file uploads.