AntiMicrobial Resistance Cloud is a web platform for analysis and sharing of AMR surveillance data.

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The AMRcloud platform allows users to

manage multiple AMR projects and datasets

import metadata and AST results directly from Excel or CSV files

automatically determine clinical S/I/R categories

explore data using smart filters and interactive visualization tools

export statistics and infographics

generate web links and share results

Public Datasets

Acinetobacter baumannii genetic diversity, susceptibility to antibiotics and lytic phages

Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IAC), Smolensk State Medical University


International multicenter prospective surveillance study of antimicrobial resistance of uropathogens causing community-acquired UTI in …

Research project: Veterinary monitoring and Risk Analysis of Zoonotic Bacteria Antimicrobial Resistance.

Russian State Center for Quality and Standardization of Veterinary Drugs and Feed

Recent Publications

AMRcloud: a new paradigm in monitoring of antibiotic resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing threat to global public health and requires closer attention from the medical community. …