Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) covers all information collected from you through and/or (“AMRcloud”), including Personal Data as defined under applicable law (“Personal Data”).

Administration does not check the reliability of any information provided by you except as expressly permitted by the Terms of Use or Additional Terms and cannot consider its credibility as well as your legal capacity to provide it. Nonetheless, Administration relies on you to provide accurate and complete Personal Data and timely update it.

By using AMRcloud your Personal Data is protected and processed in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

What is the purpose of this Policy

In accordance with the Policy Administration informs you for:

  • the information we collect;
  • how we use information about you;
  • your rights and obligations.

Information We Collect

By creating a user account on AMRcloud you provide the following data:

  1. Email address - is required for creating a user account and your access to the application.
  2. Username – is used to communicate with you. When you grant access to your results of data processing for third-party users by a link, they will be able to see your username.
  3. Password – is required for your authentication and access to AMRcloud.

Please, note that Administration does not store passwords in the public domain and cannot use your user account.

We set cookies on each our webpage to collect anonymous analytics data. We use this information to help operate our resource and do not convey or sell it to any third parties. The information gathered may include:

  • electronic data (HTTP headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons /pixel tags, browser type, operating system, hardware settings, device information);
  • the time (and length of time) a page was viewed;
  • information about the actions you take when using AMRcloud;
  • information about your location.

Creation and Sharing Information

You have the right to use AMRcloud to get results of data processing strictly in accordance with the Terms of Use. All materials created by you, including all uploaded and downloaded data, will be available only for your user account until you share them (“share the results”).

You can share information using two modes: public (access by any user) and protected (access by entering a password). The users you share with can see your results of data processing, as well as your username, but not email address.

Administration does not use the content you create and does not grant access to the third parties to it. Administration may gain access to your content with your relevant permission only (for example, to identify and fix service failures).

Service Usage Data

To improve our services Administration collects anonymous information about the actions you take when using AMRcloud. This may include the number of visits to AMRcloud and access time, interaction with the website (for example, clicks on buttons and links), IP address, device information, operating system, browser type, proxy server, mobile data provider. A part of the above information may be temporarily stored in cookies. Each time you visit any webpage of AMRcloud, Administration gets the URL of the webpages you came from and the URL you go to next. This Usage Data is collected automatically and is used anonymously.

To help collect anonymous usage statistics we use Google Analytics. To find out more about its Privacy Policy please visit

How We Use Your Personal Data

Administration uses your Personal Data (email address) to authenticate and provide you the right to use AMRcloud and to access results of data processing.

Administration may send you:

  • technical notices (information about changes to user account settings including password reset, account deletion and so on);
  • support messages;
  • administrative messages (information about any disruption, interruption and resume after a failure, updates or other information about your use of AMRcloud or the Security Policy).

You cannot opt-out of receiving some categories of communications from us such as notices of significant changes to technical features or functionality of AMRcloud, the Security Policy or other Services policies or applicable laws. With your consent, Administration may periodically send you other messages about new services, features or functionality of AMRcloud through the email address specified by you.

Your Rights & Obligations

Administration will store your Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Policy unless a longer storage period is required or permitted by law. Administration reserves the right to delete your user account including your Personal Data and created content in case of your violation of Terms of Use. If you would like to delete from our database any Personal Data you previously submitted to AMRcloud, you may submit a deletion request.

You may access your Personal Data processed by AMRcloud in accordance with this Policy unless otherwise is provided by law.

You may request to correct any incomplete or inaccurate Personal Data we hold about you.

You have the right to (If provided by the applicable international law or law of the Russian Federation):

  • request to erasure or remove your Personal Data or any part of it and/or to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data;
  • request restrictions on the processing of your Personal Data;
  • object to the processing of your Personal Data.

In some cases, you will be provided with other rights not specified above, as required or permitted by international data protection laws or laws of the Russian Federation. If you have any concerns as to how your Personal Data is processed, please submit a support request. If you would like to exercise any right mentioned above, please contact the Administration.

Lawful Processing

The collecting and processing of your Personal Data are based on the applicable laws, regulations or legal procedures. You give your explicit consent to the Administration of AMRcloud for collection, storage and processing of Personal Data by accepting the terms of this Policy or any related documentation (for example Additional Terms). You may withdraw your consent at any time. For legitimate business purposes, you may object to the processing of your Personal Data. In this case, Administration reserves the right to delete your user account as required by your objection.

Cross-Border Transfer of Data

Your personal data is stored in the Russian Federation.

Administration collects, processes, stores, retains, clarifies (update, change) and extracts Personal Data using databases and servers located in the Russian Federation.

Updating this Policy

Administration has the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time in its discretion including in case of any changes in applicable laws or technical features or functionality of AMRcloud.

If we make any significant change, including limitations and restrictions to this Policy, we will provide you with additional notice via email.