Data export

Saving the graph

The majority of graphs can be simply saved to your local PC by clicking on the icon with an arrow pointing down in the top right corner of the graph that allows you to save the image as a .png file.

Save graph button

The exceptions are described below.

Saving the trend graph

Trend graphs, like an example below, at this point can only be exported via screenshot.

Trend graph

Saving the map

Maps at this point can only be exported via screenshot. It may be helpful to expand the map to the full screen in order to achieve better resolution of the screenshot: for that, click on the View Fullscreen icon on the map before making a screenshot.

Exporting table with analysis results

All the analysis data tables in the AMRCloud resource can be exported using the buttons at the bottom of the table:

Buttons for export table data

CSV and Excel are preferred formats for data export (PDF format may have your table cropped).